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  • Name : reinos
  • Category : Collateral Documents
  • Date : 29.06.2017


AEC Partners Event Planning
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A sophisticated and established team of Philadelphia-based event planners came to us to create a new company logo, bridal brochure material and an overview collateral document for their use in marketing efforts and exploratory pitch meetings. We answered the need by creating a unique, stepped piece highlighting their three main areas of expertise; corporate, non-profit and celebration events. The piece is focused on photos to inspire the viewer’s imagination about all the ways AEC is skilled at making events memorable.

Customer Benefits:
The size enables it to be printed several up on a digital press size sheet, allowing for print efficiencies; saving the customer valuable marketing dollars.

Portions of the piece can be easily updated on the fly to allow for photos to be made current as time passes allowing for a fresh look at minimal expense.

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