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  • Date : 05.07.2017


The Chester County Hospital Foundation
Donor Report

The Chester County Hospital Foundation (TCCHF) provides an annual report for their donors and volunteers that focuses on strategic commitments with feature stories of key donors, while also recognizing donors with name listings. The Women’s Auxiliary to Chester County Hospital is also recognized for their remarkable support and community engagement. TCCHF includes stories about new technology advancements, facility enhancements and plans for future expansion areas—an important communication to show donors how their contributions are being put to good use. Reino’s brand management is in accordance with Penn Medicine guidelines.

Customer Benefits:
The report is a unique large square size to help garner attention in the recipient’s mailbox, and also to help stand apart from other marketing collateral pieces.

Donation envelopes are included to provide the opportunity for continued support from the hospital’s most loyal donors.

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