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  • Name : reinos
  • Category : Logos , Signage
  • Date : 05.07.2017


Chef’s Key Lime Pie (Matador Restaurant)
Canopy Tent and Signage

Our friends at Matador Restaurant, a tapas bar on the Main Line, specialize (among other delicacies!) in an amazing creamy, tangy and delicious key lime pie that Chef Pressler developed with fresh ingredients. In response to request after request for this delicious dessert, Chef’s Key Lime Pie was born! Reino’s worked closely with Chef Pressler to take his vision and develop the brand. Putting together a logo, the team developed signage for an outdoor booth for farmer’s markets and summer fairs, table coverings, pie box labels, and more!

Customer Benefits:
Reino’s provided a distinctive look to focus on quick visible identification of the product.

Reino’s carried that brand throughout all marketing collateral to enhance customer recognition and loyalty.

The design of the canopy tent provided for Chef’s Key Lime Pie to be highly visible amongst other booths.

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