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  • Name : reinos
  • Category : Fundraising Appeals
  • Date : 29.06.2017


Community Partnership School (CPS)
10th Anniversary Appeal

This school provides pre-kindergarten and elementary age children from low-wealth, low-income, backgrounds in North Central Philadelphia with a high-quality, affordable education that prepares them for lifelong success and strengthens the communities to which they belong. In this appeal, CPS wanted to commemorate their 10th Anniversary with an illustrative view of the impact supporters’ gifts have made through the past decade. Reino’s created an engaging timeline using photos of their student body to accompany the appeal letter from the Head of School.

Customer Benefits:
Coordinating appeal photos were included on the one color response envelope for consistent messaging while printing at a fiscally responsible price.

The appeal was a unique size and shape with an eye-catching overlap, which helped it stand apart from regular mail pieces.

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