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  • Name : reinos
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  • Date : 05.07.2017


Fairmount Water Works
“Bicentennial Brunch”

Fairmount Water Works (FWW) and AEC Partners came to Reino’s with a novel idea: An event to recognize individuals and organizations that had been instrumental in their growth over the last 200 years. They needed a logo, printed and electronic save-the-dates, signage, an invitation and a beautiful program book. Reino’s responded with a brand for the event, “Bicentennial Brunch,” and a well coordinated collection of event materials. The package was well suited to the image of the Water Works and successfully captured their essence as a historical landmark posed to impact future stewards of their shared resources.

Customer Benefits:
Beautiful images of Fairmount Water Works were researched and located for splashy views showing their rich historical past, meticulously restored facilities and striking views along Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River.

An oversize format was used, 8.5×11, to best portray the organization’s history for this milestone event.

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