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  • Name : reinos
  • Category : Promotions
  • Date : 05.07.2017


Fred’s Footsteps
Desk Calendar

During their 10th Anniversary Celebration event, Fred’s Footsteps (FF) wanted a special memento to provide to the families and donors in attendance. When a child is seriously ill or injured, the entire family can struggle. This is where FF steps in and helps by providing direct financial assistance as a funding bridge for working families. Reino’s put together a creative small format desk calendar, highlighting 13 of the families supported on the back pages of each calendar month. The colorful design provided a tribute to the family as well as reference to FF website.

Customer Benefits:
The attractive, convenient 5” x 5” square size allowed for ease of use in many environments (reception desks, conference room tables, countertops, etc).

The Desk Calendar provided FF donors with a clear testimonial for the many families supported by their contributions.

References to the FF website allowed for follow-up for additional information including support opportunities.

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