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  • Name : reinos
  • Category : Pocket Folders
  • Date : 29.06.2017


General Warren
Presentation Folder

General Warren, an historic fine dining restaurant and bed and breakfast, was seeking to refresh and update their brand. It was important to retain elements that supported their rich history, while presenting a fresh and current overall image. Reino’s stepped in with pocket folders, brochures, signage and more. The pocket folders made use of rich photography illustrating why this venue is such a unique choice. Photos of their specialty dishes were interspersed along with atmospheric pictures to help customers visualize the kind of service their guests could expect to receive at this high-end establishment.

Customer Benefits:
Large photos help intrigue and entice viewers, giving them a clear idea of the venue.

The interior was kept clean and simple to allow for flexible use with a varied customer base while improving longevity and usefulness of the piece.

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