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Links Incorporated, Bucks County Chapter Invite

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  • Name : reinos
  • Category : Invitations
  • Date : 29.06.2017


Links Incorporated, Bucks County Chapter
50th Anniversary Gala

Links Incorporated, Bucks County Chapter, came to Reino’s with a vision for their 50th Anniversary Gala, a theme of “Midnight Magic Masquerade Ball—A Touch of Gold.” Reino’s created a unique trifold pocket invitation using metallic champagne colored stock. The main invite is stacked in the center with a backer of metallic green stock (their brand color). An ad opportunities and sponsorship card, the response vehicle and a personalized notecard is housed neatly in a side pocket. The whole invitation is folded and closed with an event-branded label.

Customer Benefits:
The size of the piece was planned to get maximal use of paper stock to allow for a materials cost-savings.

Reino’s handled the design, printing and invitation backer gluing, while Links committee members handled the remainder of the overall assembly as part of a fun, members evening, allowing for a cost-savings on finishing efforts.

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