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As certified United States Postal Service Mailing Design and Quality Control Specialists, Reino’s is positioned for our clients to know their direct mail will reach their audience with the highest accuracy possible.

Mail marketing involves much more than simply printing an address on a mail piece. Reino’s Design Print Mail has been helping our customers successfully navigate postal regulations for many years. Our mailing division maintains an emphasis on the accuracy of our client’s name and address lists.

The higher the quality of your addresses, the better the results will be from your mailing – whether it’s for generating sales leads for a business, communicating community information or receiving as many donations as possible from an appeal campaign.

The investment to manage mail databases from the very start of a project allows Reino’s to be good stewards of your marketing and communication dollars by ensuring accurate mailings – streamlining both the printing and postage costs. We’ve developed the skill and expertise to uniquely position ourselves as a leader in the mail marketing industry.

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List de-duping

USPS list certification

CASS certification

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