Cancellation and Refund Policy - ReinOs
Our return policy

The services you purchase from our company (excluding SSL, Server, SLA, Domain Name Registration, Domain Name Renewal and Domain Name Transfer services that have been successfully completed) are guaranteed 100% refund (refund) within 7 days. After 7 days (excluding SSL, Server, SLA, Domain Name Registration, Domain Name Renewal and Domain Name Transfer services whose processes have been successfully completed), if our customer wants to return it, the usage period is reduced and the remaining amount is added to the customer's account as a usable money balance. It is not possible to return the free services (for example, free domain name registration) provided with the service in the campaigned services. Free services are given to the customer as he commits to the service and will use the service for the duration of his purchase. If the service is canceled before this period, the free service will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded. Since domain name registration is done automatically by ICANN and TRABIS (BTK), refunds are not possible. In return transactions, the refund is provided in the same way with whichever payment method our customer paid. It is not possible to return to a different person or with a different method. You can make a request to us by selecting the accounting department from your customer panel for all returns.

Our cancellation policy

You can cancel the services you purchased from our company by logging into your customer control panel with your e-mail address and password, and filling out the form in the "Cancellation Request" option under the "More" menu after entering the service details. No invoice will be created for your new service at the next payment time.

Services that do not request cancellation but are not used are not considered cancelled. A new invoice is created at each new payment time. If you do not want to fill out the cancellation form, you can send an e-mail to us from the e-mail address registered in your customer panel. You can shop with a credit card and object to the payment by "claiming that he did not do the shopping himself" through the bank without giving information or notice during or after the use of the service, without obtaining the approval of our company. In case of failure, the customer account and the services in it will be permanently deleted and stopped. Customer name, surname, e-mail address, IP address and T.C. ID number will be added to our company blacklist. If you have a justifiable reason, please contact our company before this process. Our company approaches such situations moderately. The information, addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses of our customers who shop with credit cards when registering are checked and recorded. In addition, thanks to the Fraud control mechanism, if you are trying to shop with a problematic credit card, your order will be blocked automatically.

Service Delivery Time

Payments made by credit card are immediately active. Our technical support team communicates with you during working hours on the same day the order is placed, for processes such as server setup, control panel setup, IP address allocation, domain name document collection that require manual processing.

In bank transfer payments, the customer is obliged to notify after the transfer. Payments made by bank transfer depending on the notification are checked and approved by the accounting department on the same day and the order is activated. Our company is not responsible if the order is delayed due to bank transfer transactions for which payment notification is not made, and the delivery is not provided. If you write the order number in the description section of the transfer process, it will speed up the process.

You can write your questions about the warnings and conditions to info@veridyen.com.